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Nutbags – A new business idea

This blog post is my first try at writing something with the Write or Die tool. The fun thing is that I have no idea what to write about while trying this tool. At first glance, I just thought: what the heck just go for it and see what comes out, so here it goes.

The stupid thing is that I have no idea what to write about while trying out this ridiculous tool. At first glance, I just thought: what the heck just go for it and see what comes out, so here it goes.

Scramble scramble scramble, boom I have an idea!!

So the topic of this 5-minute writing session will be a business venture that has been sticking in my head for a while now. What is it about? It is inspired by a business model the company Onnit uses: they pack a whole bunch of great vitamin and supplement pills in a daily dose package. They have a pack of pills that you take in the morning and they have a pack of pills you take before going to bad. I think it is a great idea and I have tried it out, it was awesome (but expensive). So this got me thinking. What else can you repack in a daily dose pack?

And then came what I thought was a brilliant idea, totally inspired by my mother. That is because my lovely mother is a healthy food lover. She did crazy stuff like making her health bars and crackers in a special oven she bought. She goes a long way when it comes to healthy food. So why did she inspire me? She knows a lot about nuts and healthy seeds. I know she does a lot of those into her food. We’re talking about the usual suspects like pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. These are some of the known ones, but she also introduced me to some I had no clue about. And the awesome think about these seeds is that they all pack a heck load of good nutrients for brain and body — it just really made me feel like the nuts and seeds should be in my daily diet.

I did my research and found that nuts and seeds are not always to great for you. Why is that? The quantity is essential here. Most people eat too many nuts and take into much fat. This is a bad thing. You might think by eating a lot of nuts you’re becoming a healthy human, but you could be mistaking and getting fat from them. I’m not saying this counts for everyone out there that eat nuts regularly; I just read that it happens a lot.

And here I saw an opportunity: What if you repacked 10 of the most healthy and powerful nuts and seeds into a small pack where every nut in the package is filled with it’s best daily dosage, so you don’t consume too much of them and then pack them, throw them all together and you have a sellable pack of 10 healthy nuts in a daily dose pack.

The packs are great for just eating straight from the pack, putting it in your breakfast meal, or maybe in a healthy salad. That is what I like about it so much, it’s the beauty that lays in the versatility of the solution. The bags and its content are multi-usable which is a great thing I guess because you are in charge on how you would like to include your daily dose of seeds and nuts in your meals.

So what is the simple business model here? You sell the packs in groups of 7 for a seven day week. So every day you open a pack and toss it in the foods you’d like or eat it straight from the pack. And BOOM, you get your daily shot and the preferred dose of nuts and seeds.

I like this idea, and I want to pursue it I guess. Oh, and if I would name it, I would call it Nutbags. And also, it should be a business where a substantial amount of the profits goes to charity. A charity that is about feeding the poor. The slogan would be: Go nuts, and feed the world while doing it!

Haven’t made a plan on how to implement it, but that will come later.

Also: you could make it into a subscription model. The packs are so tiny that you can pack them in an envelope and just send them to people – how convenient is that??

The idea keeps me up so therefore one day I will pursue it. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Using the Write or Die app was fun. I passed, and my text did not get deleted, which is a plus I guess.

See you soon!

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