An upside down business model

I short time ago I was thinking about business models and how these might change in the future.

I was wondering how models around SaaS tools would change over time due to experimentation and just time passing by.

Many SaaS tools tend to use the same model. They have multiple plans for which they want you to buy the one where you get the most value for your buck.

So basically you pay for being able to use the tool and get its value on a monthly basis. It is a simple exchange and an obvious one. It is a model that has granted many businesses great success.

But what if you wanted to be creative and try something new? How would one go about?

I present to you the upside down SaaS model. It needs some experimentation on the money making side though but I guess if you are in the position to do so, it might work for you.

The model works like this: You build a super premium product. A product that would normally be bought for the premium monthly price for your SaaS business. But then you give people this product for FREE. Yes, totally free.

Well, that does not sound that logical right? And I agree, but there is a catch. The product is free only when you use it. So every time you use the tool if resets a timer. So this means you need to be active on the tool every 5 to 10 days for instance. The moment you lose access because you haven’t used the product for 5-10 days your account get’s blocked and you must watch 5 minutes worth of ads. And you can not skip through the ads. You as the business would make money from people loving your tool but forgetting to use it for too long or just not using it. Getting back in the tool is simple again because you just need to comply with the ads/survey/video/whatever works.

I have no idea if this model would work and if a business could make enough money out of this but who knows. Stuff like this might someday be comen practice.

Good luck with building that cool new SaaS tool and good luck with getting creative on the business model end of your tool!