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A dream job bleuprint

I have five minutes to write this, so I’ll have to be quick..

Why so little time you ask? Well, I’m going to ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) with my girlfriend and her sister. I guess it’s going to be fun. But anyway. This was not what I wanted to talk about.

I wanted to talk about my dream job. Dream job?? WTF is that? Yes, if somebody would have said this to me I would have lolled as well. But I’m serious here. My dream job!

“But you are an entrepreneur, you have a fairly successful growing startup and you’re doing interesting shit, why is this not already your dream job.

This is not the case for two reasons:
1) I get bored extremely quickly. This is actually one of my biggest weaknesses. It is the reason why I hated school. It is the reason why I loved video games like World of Warcraft (constantly different gameplay and patches). It’s just in my nature to get bored fast. I learn something and then I believe I know enough and my mind just pulls at me to move on. Not moving on actually costs me a lot of energy. This does not mean that I hate it when I do something for a longer time span but still. I guess you get the point…
2) I have new ideas for projects, businesses, fun things to do constantly. This is also how my mind works. I just see stuff and ask questions: can this be done better, more efficient. Or I read a business book and get inspiration for a new business. My mind is just racing all the freaking time. And I can’t really do anything about it, it’s how I’m programmed.

So now that we know this, what’s the whole point of the story here?
Well, my dream job would be a job that fits point 1 and 2 like a velvet glove.

So what’s the job for real?
I see it like this: The job would be all year round. Every month of the year I literally pick a project from my brain-bucket (Evernote file) and do the project for that entire month.

There would be some rules attached to the project.
For instance, the project needs to have a specific goal. Most of the time this would be a business goal.

This could be something like: make an app that asks you three questions about how your day was at night. So the project needs a goal to work to. Or it could be something like: Learn how to make design an app from scratch using the sketch tool and actually win a design challenge on Or actually, build the nutbags business in a months time and get 10 customers to buy a nutbag pack.

So rule one: Pick a project (most likely setting up a new microbusiness or learn a skill) to do for an entire month and set some hard goals to reach at the end of it all.

As a caveat, the projects and the goals should be ambitious. So there is a high likelihood the goal will not be reached. I don’t mind this since I believe setting high goals is always effective. Even if you only complete 20% of a highly ambitious goal you’ll still have won anyway.

The second rule: the project needs to be performed using a set framework. What do I mean with a framework?

So the framework will be like a guideline for me to do projects by.
An example of the framework could be something like week one: Study the literature, Week two: Test an MVP proposition with a simple wordpress landing page or using a tool like Instapage or Unbounce, and week three: get a first paying customer on your mailing list etc..

So the projects would follow a set structure. The structure of how I attack projects would change over time and become more efficient I guess.

I will document the project and share it with the world on this blog. I would document the ups and down. My tweaks and my learnings will be spoken about on this blog.

The whole goal for me would be to do all the things I want to do and to learn how to learn new skills fast, use those skills and become even quicker and more efficient in the next project. And then, ones I learn share those learnings with an audience.

Sounds like a lot of fun for me. Hopefully one day I will be able to live on the basis of these rules described above. For me that would be an amazing life.
Who knows…

Have a good one!

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