Principles contain codes

When you build a house, you need to construct it based the rules of nature. You can not add too much weight on a single wooden beam. You have to respect the rules of nature. When you don’t respect the rules, you crash and die. Principles are built out of similar rules, I call them codes.

Follow the codes and the pillars get stronger. A pillar relies on codes to make it vigorous and steady. Codes are like guides. Guides are like routines. Follow the routines and become a pro in life.

Let me give you just a few examples. These are in no way the only examples of general codes per pillar.

Every pillar has its own type of codes. For instance, the Time pillar has routines on time-management, planning, leisure time and wasting time. The routines let you make practical use of the pillar.

The body pillar contains codes on fuel, rest, and fitness.

The mind pillar focusses on mental fitness, meditation, deep-thinking and deep-focus.

Your surrounding codes have a similar function where they guide you with routines and practices to create a surrounding in which you flourish.

Codes let you spend your time more efficient and thus more wisely. I practice these codes on a daily basis. The act as my tools to guide me through life. I construct those codes myself and I can always fall back on my codes.

For me, my codes help me to get what I want and they help me to achieve what I want to achieve.

Follow the codes and you will become a better human.
The following poem for me is a code about time. It is a code that tells me that many small things can lead to big things.
It shows you how small things consist of even smaller things. It also shows that big things happen after many small things.

It teaches me to be humble towards small things and to consider my words and actions.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words,
watch your words, for they become actions,
watch your actions, for they become habits,
watch your habits, for they become character,
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

This is also what a code can be. It can be a mantra or rule of something you believe in. Collect your codes, construct your codes and live by them.

Design your codes to make your life better.

Pillars are made out of principles

Even the smallest thing is made out of smaller things.

Again, another question.

Can we oversimplify life?

The four pillars of MBT (Mind Body Time) are made out of principles. Principles are like the cement, the stone and the steel that hold the pillars together.

To explain these principles more clear I will take the pillar of Time as an example. This pillar is constructed out of various principles.

You have the Past, the Present and the Future principles. These are the three principles of Time. But it does not stop there. Even the principles can be dissected. For example, the Past has two layers.

The Past
You have the Subconscious Past and the Unconscious Past. They are your past that you can remember and the past that you can’t remember. And even the unconscious mind has deeper paths since the unconscious mind consists of memories that simply vanished in time and space and then you have memories which you try to forget or block out consciously. Those memories do not disappear in time and space; you have just put those away because it was needed.

And even the unconscious mind has deeper paths since the unconscious mind consists of memories that simply vanished in time and space and then you have memories which you try to forget or block out consciously. Those memories do not disappear in time and space; you have just put those away because it was needed.

See this image below that shows you the overview of the principle of Past and it’s layers described above.


Why dig so deep?

The power of MBT is shown above. Dig deeper and deeper and everything in your life can be labeled. By digging you try to come to the core of what your life is. Once you’ve labeled your life, you can spend time thinking about your life in a framed manner. Life becomes something that can be tackled and analyzed to improve.

Everything can be made sense of.

Fear not that you over complicate, by deconstructing and getting to the core of every principle, you’ll find peace and happiness. When you know, you can act.

I have mapped out my principles. In fact, by mapping out the principles for every pillar, I map out my life. I use visual tools like Coggle to do this.

Seeing my life in the perspective of pillars, principles and deeper layers have opened my eyes. By doing so I am able to analyze, I am able to see where I could not. Memories returned, old desires arose. It gave me perspective. I saw complexity where it should not be and I saw simplicity where simplicity does not fit.

Once you map out your life you are able to build a strong future for yourself.

Below is an example of one of the first versions of my MBT life map.


Do it for yourself and feel the power of visualizing your life.

More on why this is useful later..

Let me know if this does sound like simplification to you or does it feel like a complication of your life.

Constructing a philosophy on life

What are we?

In the beginning, there is one question and one question only.

“What are we?”

The Philosophy of Mind Body Time gives the following answer:
We are simply a mind packed in a brain carried around by our body in time and surroundings.

What is MBT?

Mind Body Time is a philosophy on life and it is a guide on how I try to live mine.

Your mind is the ego in your life. It is “me,” the “you” as a person in this life. The body is the vessel that carries the mind. And that vessel moves in time. Time is the road on which that vessel strolls.

And lastly, you have the surroundings which also move in time. These surroundings move with you and interact with the mind and the body.

The pillars of MBT

One’s life consists of these four pillars: The mind, The Vessel, Time and your surroundings. That is what I believe.

Everything in life fits in one of the four pillars.

You could argue that this is not true and you would probably find a natural reasoning why what I have to say is utter nonsense, but one must not care about the logic of one other when his arguments give peace and clarity of mind. When a belief helps oneself, that thought frame can become like a medicine. It could even be a cure; it’s hard so say.

What is the function of MBT?

So why does is give peace and clarity to my mind? That is because it creates a model for which to live by. The model gives your life simplicity, understanding and it gives me birds view perspective on what my life is about and how to manage it.

MBT is an attempts to simplify life into pillars. An attempt to simplify life into principles and codes that give guidance in life. In the most simple form, it is a rulebook of codes and routines to win in life, to become happy and to achieve great things. These can be little or big things.

** A little disclaimer: This thinking model is a work in progress. Nor do I see me as successful at this moment in time. Still, I do wish to proceed and see if the thinking framework described above can bring the results I think it can. And also, you must think for yourself; this will not be for everyone. **

The framework is in balance

The four pillars work together. Together they create a balance.

The MBT philosophy and framework is in equilibrium.

If you want to become a fruitful and happy human, you need to improve the quality of your mind. That is because every creation from a person comes from the mind. It all starts with a thought. May it be a physical creation or a mental creation, it all stems from the mind lying at the basis of human creation. One who creates is productive.

Before you can improve the quality of your mind, you need to improve the quality of your brain. Your brain is part of your body, which means that you need to take care of the vessel that carries your brain first. The body needs to be fit, strong and resilient. Only then can you focus on the mind. The logic behind this is as follows. Take good care of your body and it will take good care of your mind. The one supports the other so take good care of the vessel.

Two factors influence your vessel: Time and your surroundings. How you spend your time is just as important as how you look back at your time and how you plan in the future. You will never get time back. It is the most important currency we have in life. The same counts for your surroundings. The way you manage your surroundings and the way you create the surroundings around you which you feel happy in will reflect on the body and untimely the mind. The people, the objects, the smells, the places you go, all of this interacts with your body and mind. Place yourself in a pleasant surrounding and your body and mind will follow.


What shows above is a deep connection between the four pillars. They are in balance with each other. You can harm all by harming only one, but same counts for the other way round. Heal and improve one and you can improve all. This makes the thinking model perfect for taking small steps and setting small goals. MBT is all about going slow at the start and continue making steps until they feel like leaps in later stages.

MBT is about optimizing the four pillars to get the most out of life. And possible the one beyond this life, if we’re lucky.

Follow me on my mission to find a perfect life by writing and living the codes of MBT.