Juriaan Karsten is a tech entrepreneur and wannabe writer based in Amsterdam.

Juriaan is the co-founder of PARKEAGLE where he and his team are building the one and only solutions to solve the parking problem in large cities. We make parking fast, fun and extremely easy.

He also created the Grader App, the Qubes App for work, NLfunding.co and writes about almost everything that he finds interesting.

Sure, Juriaan also makes and does other stuff, reading, procrastinating and working on a little side project (something new and cool coming soon). Juriaan is a learning addict always on the hunt for new ideas, tips and tricks on how to be more productive, how to waste less time and how to build awesome things. He thinks following the news makes you unhappy unless it’s tech news. Juriaan actively discourages you from following him on Twitter.

Got any questions for Juriaan right now? Drop a line and he’ll get back to you asap!