Currently, Juriaan works with a group of highly motivated and talented people at Parkeagle. Their mission at Parkeagle is to make cities more livable, reachable and cleaner by solving the parking problem using smart sensors and mobile technology. In Amsterdam alone, 50.000 kilometers are wasted each day by drivers searching for a parking space. With Parkeagle we guide you to unoccupied parking spaces, think of all the time, miles and money we can save by this.

Juriaan’s secondary job is to stay curious about everything, write about his findings, his projects, and side projects. He then enthusiastically shares what he has learned, as well as why you might care at his blog.

Main Projects

Retired, Emeritus, or On-Hiatus Projects

Future side projects

As mentioned before, Juriaan is addicted to learning. That is why he keeps a list of skills he would like to learn. His reasons vary, but it’s mostly skills he needed but lacked while doing his projects.
Juriaan follows a self-created framework when doing projects. It’s called the Checklist Framework. When doing a project, he will always follow this guiding framework.

Writing skills:

  • Write 10 blogposts
  • Write 50 blogposts
  • Write 100 blogposts
  • Publish an info ebook
  • Publish an ebook about WhatsApp for businesses 
  • Publish a novel ebook
  • Write a how-to-outsource app building ebook
  • Start a newsletter

Creative skills:

  • Design a checklist framework pdf
  • Learn how to design an infographic in InDesign
  • Learn how to design a proper investor deck in InDesign
  • Learn how to design a flyer in InDesign
  • Learn how to design a website in InDesign
  • Learn how to design an app in InDesign
  • Learn to make a Powtoon explainer video
  • Learn to make a drawing explainer video
  • Learn how to edit a video in iMovie
  • Learn how to make Facebook ads
  • Learn how to make Instagram ads
  • Learn how to paint

Functional skills:

  • WordPress
  • Blogging
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • Newsletter
  • Copywriting 
  • Negotiation 
  • Speedreading
  • Fast typing
  • Brainstorming
  • Mindmapping
  • Idea generation
  • Project planning
  • Excell
  • Doing finances 
  • Company finances 
  • Business law
  • Business accounting
  • Networking
  • Trendspotting
  • Writing a sales email

Side business projects: 

  • — A directory of ebooks and courses based on the skills that you need in the future
  • Make Powtoon movies — Outsourced workers make the movies
  • Ebooks on demand — Outsourced workers write your e-books for you
  • Qubes for enterprise — Make Qubes into a successful enterprise product and service
  • We make Powtoon films — setup highly automated animated video shop
  • ASA calendar — make a fresh small Amsterdam startup agenda
  • New economy business directory — small Startup Stack like list of new economy businesses
  • Connectinator app — an app that keeps track of your contacts
  • Juices delivery subscription — Deliver fresh juices on a monthly basis
  • Get motivation website — Website that shows a single motivational speech every day
  • Email diary — Send an email to your journal and fill in your diary through your mail