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Principles contain codes

When you build a house, you need to construct it based the rules of nature. You can not add too much weight on a single wooden beam. You have to respect the rules of nature. When you don’t respect the rules, you crash and die. Principles are built out of similar rules, I call them codes.

Follow the codes and the pillars get stronger. A pillar relies on codes to make it vigorous and steady. Codes are like guides. Guides are like routines. Follow the routines and become a pro in life.

Let me give you just a few examples. These are in no way the only examples of general codes per pillar.

Every pillar has its own type of codes. For instance, the Time pillar has routines on time-management, planning, leisure time and wasting time. The routines let you make practical use of the pillar.

The body pillar contains codes on fuel, rest, and fitness.

The mind pillar focusses on mental fitness, meditation, deep-thinking and deep-focus.

Your surrounding codes have a similar function where they guide you with routines and practices to create a surrounding in which you flourish.

Codes let you spend your time more efficient and thus more wisely. I practice these codes on a daily basis. The act as my tools to guide me through life. I construct those codes myself and I can always fall back on my codes.

For me, my codes help me to get what I want and they help me to achieve what I want to achieve.

Follow the codes and you will become a better human.
The following poem for me is a code about time. It is a code that tells me that many small things can lead to big things.
It shows you how small things consist of even smaller things. It also shows that big things happen after many small things.

It teaches me to be humble towards small things and to consider my words and actions.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words,
watch your words, for they become actions,
watch your actions, for they become habits,
watch your habits, for they become character,
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

This is also what a code can be. It can be a mantra or rule of something you believe in. Collect your codes, construct your codes and live by them.

Design your codes to make your life better.

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